Welcome to twisted4life, a site dedicated to helping its users make the Internet work for them. Our aim is to provide high quality and reliable managed/primary DNS, secondary DNS and backup mail exchangers.

So what can we do for you?

Free Secondary DNS for your domains.  If your looking for another dns to put your domain in, this is for you. Providing additional secondary servers can greatly improve the reliability and accessibility of your domain. Should your primary DNS become unavailable due to network problems, your secondary DNS entries come into play, the more DNS servers you have, the greater the resilience to errors. Making your website available 24/7. If you want to know more, or signup for this service, goto the section from the menu or click here
We have multiple servers that are hosted in 3 different geographic regions that provide redundant DNS services for your needs. Note: This premium service is only available to paying customers

In addition, we provide managed/primary DNS and backup MX service with antivirus and spam protection (no special hardware or software required).

Backup MX service and SMTP Cloaking / Antivirus and spam protection - No hardware and no software required

Add redundancy to your mail services by using our backup MX service. Our mail server will store your mail when your primary mail server fails, then forward it back to your mail server when it is back online. In addition, all mails will automatically be scanned for viruses and filtered for spam before being delivered to your mail server. Click HERE for more information about this service.

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For any technical related problems, queries or just to say thank you please mail us at this address.

Contact email address
If you suspect that any of our customers may be abusing our service in any way, please contact us so that we can investigate and if appropriate, take corrective action.